• That's Life - Wayne and Jimmy

The Singing Cabbies

Welcome to the world of the Singing Cabbies!

Wayne Douglas O’Hare and Jimmy Smart are two Scottish taxi drivers by day and two extremely talented entertainers by night!
Initially famed for entertaining their passengers and live audiences in their hometown of Dundee, Wayne and Jimmy shot to fame after TV executives saw their performances and invited them to star on a Saturday primetime television programme. The nation took them to their hearts and now the Singing Cabbies are in demand all over the UK and beyond!

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Wayne and Jimmy, the Two Singing Cabbies from Dundee, sing that all-time favourite ‘That’s Life’.

Watch Wayne and Jimmy sing their hearts out recording That’s Life at Planet Studios Dundee.

Recorded and filmed at Planet Studios Dundee

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Listen to Wayne & Jimmy sing popular songs like the wonderful ‘That’s Life’ and the great (is this the way to) ‘Amarillo’.


Jimmy Smart loves to entertain.
His crooner-vocals, suave moves and laid-back style has gained him an army of loyal fans. This unassuming singer rose to fame after an encounter with legend Michael Bublé. Michael invited him to duet in front of an audience of thousands after hearing about Jimmy’s singing antics in his hometown of Dundee, Scotland.
After meeting fellow taxi driver and proud  Dundoinan Wayne Douglas O’Hare, followed by an appearance on a prime-time Saturday evening television show, the Two Singing Cabbies are now inseparable and in-demand all over the country.


Wayne Douglas O’Hare is a natural born entertainer.
His range and repertoire are unrivalled.
From Opera to Musicals, Arias to Hymns, Rock n’ Roll to Classic Ballads, Wayne delivers every time.
Wayne’s love of life is as big off stage as it is on. His musical talent combined with his natural sense of comedy and timing ensure that a night out with the Singing Cabbies is one you’ll never forget!
Quoting one of his favourite all-time artists, Al Jolson, Wayne says: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”
And you haven’t!